Starfish was filmed in our home county, Rutland, and is the true story of our experience of sepsis, survival, and recovery.

We were clear that we didn’t want the story to be ‘Hollywoodised’. Bill Clark (Director) ensured that the film is very real, and very raw. Tom Riley and Joanne Froggatt did a fantastic job – their onscreen relationship speaks volumes about love, devotion and teamwork whlist allowing for an unflinching portrayal of PTSD and our family’s journey to recovery.

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As a resource:

We’ve used the film in presentations and workshops, to help our audiences understand the devastating aftermath of sepsis. The combination of film and discussion has a powerful impact on all who are present:


“Our nurses will never forget meeting Tom and Nic. Your message is imprinted on the heart of the organisation and in the minds of our nurses.”

Liz Rix,
Chief Nurse,
University Hospital North Midlands

The UK Sepsis Trust is currently working with the makers of Starfish to produce a training package based on clips from the film and is seeking sponsorship. The resource will be available to NHS trust training teams within the next few months.

At the premier:

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