‘STARFISH: One family’s journey through adversity’ 

Tom & Nic Ray
7th September 2017 | Paperback | £7.99

Sepsis strikes up like a fire in the forest, kills quickly, switching off the lights of life in hours, tearing limb from limb, leaving a shaking and humiliated half of you alive to grin and bear it like a wounded animal.


What would you do if your world suddenly fell apart, if disaster struck without warning? How would you react if your body turned on itself? How would your family know what to do?

What happened to Tom and Nic Ray, that night in 1999, was the beginning of a nightmare. In Starfish you can read in their own words how they faced the deluge of physical, psychological and emotional trauma – and rose to the everyday challenges of giving birth, raising children, holding a family together, keeping their heads above water.

It’s brutal, honest, shocking and funny. It’s uplifting. You’ll never read anything quite like this unique story of love, devastation, resilience and recovery.

We all fight for the things that we need. Starfish is the story of how an ordinary couple became extraordinary.