Failure is not an option

The business world in which we all operate is changing fast. Every day businesses are faced with disruptors who threaten their very survival. Every day something changes, and status quo is not a term we hear that often these days.- 

This is not a Masterclass in corporate strategies to deal with disruptors, or tactics to be become the disruptors. Nor is it a change management workshop. This is different. This is a Masterclass in the human side of disruption, and how, despite everything that the world can throw at you, and your “world”, with some great techniques and approaches, you can beat the odds and come out the other side stronger, and more resilient to future change.  No amount of corporate interventions can help a business successfully navigate their way through the other side of change and disruption, if their employees cannot find their personal pathway through, and remain strong, and positive and performing.- 

This is designed to help individuals and teams find their own pathway and approaches become more resilient and be able to cope with disruption and change. They will share their extraordinary story and the lessons they learned which we can all deploy in our day to day life.




  • Learn a useful definition of resilience
  • Develop a deep understanding of how important resilience is at work and consider consequences of not achieving it.
  • Discover the key ingredients and steps to remaining resilient
  • Discover the importance of having a well-defined value system
  • Take each step, and consider how you can apply it
  • Take each step and consider how you can develop this within your team
  • Learn the importance of adapting your plan and remaining flexible
  • Consider an impending change or likely disruptor, and develop your plan of action to remain resilient