Resilience Goes To Blackpool

It’s September 2019 – Sepsis Awareness is top of the agenda, and we definitely need to talk about it. We’re genuinely excited to be back with the Blackpool Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust engaging with Sepsis survivors, nurses & clinicians – together, we’ll be sharing experiences, best practices. We’ll be inspiring each other to save lives. There will be great conversation, there’ll be Starfish the film, there’ll be tears, laughter and plenty of coffee. Above all, we’ll be reiterating our core message: that everyone, everywhere, in every walk of life needs to know about Sepsis. We go on.


We thoroughly enjoyed our time at the Royal College of Nursing Congress. Our messages of calling for mandatory training for Sepsis and protected time and resources for Continuing Professional Development has caught the attention of the BBC, ITV Sky News and several Newspapers. That’s how come we found ourselves adorning the ‘This Morning’ sofa with Eamonn and Ruth Holmes.


The three of us represent the patient, carer and clinician and are keen to speak to as many people as possible. We have travelled far and wide and met some remarkable people from all walks of life. Sepsis does not discriminate so our message is relevant to every one.

In the UK 250,000 people contract sepsis every year and tragically 52,000 people lose their lives. By working to spread awareness and understanding, together we can make a real impact, significantly reducing the mortality and suffering caused by this condition.

We’re looking forward to continuing on our amazing journey.


Tom is included in the Disability Power 100 list 2018

“I feel very honoured to be included in the Shaw Trust Power 100 List. I need to publicly give thanks to my wife Nic Ray, who has sacrificed so much and encouraged me back to life over a long period. The role of carers in the UK should be valued and supported much more than it is. I’m keen to spread understanding about Sepsis and to help all people feel that they can cope with their life challenges.”

Nick Bell, Interim Chief Executive of Shaw Trust – a charity helping to transform the lives of young people and adults across the UK and internationally,said:

“Congratulations to Tom. The judges were beyond impressed by the standard of nominations but selected the most influential people who are proving that disability or impairment is not a barrier to success. One of our aims for the Disability Power 100 list is to demonstrate to young people that they can achieve their ambitions. At Shaw Trust we work with government, local authorities and employers to support people overcome barriers which hold them back from achieving their potential.”

The full Shaw Trust Disability Power 100 List can be found

About the Shaw Trust Disability Power 100 List

The Shaw Trust Power List is an annual publication of the 100 most influential disabled people in the UK. Since its inception four years ago, the publication has gone from strength to strength. Over the years it has allowed Shaw Trust to encourage businesses, employers and other organisations to reflect on opportunities available for disabled people. The list plays a vital role in providing much needed encouragement to the young and talented leaders of tomorrow, allowing them to see that aspiration and ambition can be fulfilled regardless of disability or impairment.

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TEDx 2018

Many to Guildford Grammar School for hosting TEDx Guildford. Tom and Nic’s powerful joint talk ‘They Took you from me Limb by Limb’ got a great reception from the audience and is available to view on YouTube.



World Sepsis Day 2017

We found ourselves on GMB sofa chatting to Susanna Reid and Piers Morgan. We feel so privileged to share the sepsis story with their audience of million. Awareness is everything.

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