Controlling what I put into my head

A quick update. The clocks have gone back, autumn is closing in.

In Rutland, we’re surrounded by beautiful countryside and we’re exposed to the elements. The wind, the rain, the falling skies.

At this time of year, I have to work harder on my mental health. December is when the crisis of sepsis nearly destroyed me, I kind of dread it.

But. There’s my resilience, and years of experience has taught me that it’s completely up to me what I put inside my head. Only up to me. So, I can choose to think good thoughts ahead of this Christmas. I can organise myself so I’m brimful with positivity, and the warmth of the season.

I’ve been buying gifts, because previous years have taught me that the stress of last minute Christmas shopping can really get me down.

I’ve got three quarters of all my presents for everyone – I diarised it all, and just worked through it systematically. Online shopping is great if you’re disabled – gift wrapping services are a boon.

I won’t go on about it. But this Christmas, I’ll be protecting my mental health very carefully, and avoiding anything that might cause me sadness. I’ll be actively working to create thoughts and images of happiness in my mind – because it’s only me that’s in control of all of that stuff.

It’s hardly 4pm – the sun’s going down already. We spoke in Leeds this week about resilience, positivity, surviving sepsis. We met man more great people who work tirelessly in the NHS. It’s all good.

I’m working on my short book on post sepsis syndrome.

There is controversy this weekend after an article in The Guardian about a type of sepsis hysteria – research that shows the crisis is ‘overblown’. Certainly we must look objectively at the facts and figures, but even the authors of this new study admit there are ‘barn-door’ cases where treatment went wrong and where lessons can be learned.

Yes. I’m one of those, up against the barn door.

And sometimes, despite my resilience, I feel overwhelmed by everything, and it’s so hard to cope.

Love and understanding. Kindness. Intelligence. Teamwork. These are the things that will get us through the difficult times.

All best wishes to you.

The hard work goes on.

Shall we try to enjoy this beautiful time of the year together?