Are You Healing?

This weekend I’m mostly sitting down.

I’d like to be up and about on my prosthetic legs, but I’ve had a wound on my left knee for about two months now, and it’s not even close to healing. So I’m grounded, and that’s really frustrating, because I have things to do.

I’ve tried dressing and uncovering the wound, I’ve spent hours and hours just resting without my prosthetic – but it just refuses to heal over.

Things don’t go our way sometimes.   What we expected doesn’t happen. We miss out on opportunities, we’re sidelined, put out of the game.

I’m disappointed, irritated, a bit annoyed. They make these legs for me, hand them over in a plastic bag, then when I put them on at home, they’re such a bad fit that they actually cut me.

Now, I’m faced with a long wait, I have to drive a long distance to the limb centre, spend however long getting the legs checked, then wait more weeks while they get corrected.

That’s another month probably, before I can take a safe, comfortable step.

It is what it is. The world carries on. This week, we spoke at the Hull Sepsis Congress about our experience of sepsis, rehabilitation and recovery. I enjoyed it. There was a large audience, a great buzz around the venue, we got fantastic feedback.

More than ever, I understood the value of our message of resilience, and why we do these talks. Aside from the need to spread sepsis awareness, which is immense, our story is about the power of love and devotion to overcome the hardest of hard circumstances.

It’s love that got us through. At its heart is an endless source of creative energy, a determination to hold on, when times get tough.

I’ve learned this simple truth. So now, everything’s quite simple, everything’s settled: in all my choices, I’m guided by love.

I do the loving thing, yes. And I’d encourage you all to do the same, for the sake of your own healing and for your own resilience.

I need to heal & rest my knee now. Speak soon.