Next Steps Resilience

Wow, what an action packed few weeks we’ve had. We’ve had a terrific response to our most recent speaking appearances at the Hull Sepsis Congress and the RCN Congress in Liverpool. Two brilliant cities where we had the chance to talk to thousands of hardworking nurses, doctors, technicians & healthcare workers making a real impact on rates of sepsis survival. We also spoke to a wider audience through articles in national newspapers, radio & TV. It was serious, it was important and it was fun.

During the last 2 years we’ve worked hard at many different events raising awareness of sepsis, helping to cut the number of amputations & deaths. We’re proud of that – as sepsis survivors, we understand the true impact of the condition, so any contribution we have made to saving lives & limbs is a great consolation to us.

The responses we get from audiences are truly amazing. Standing ovations are not unusual. For Nic & I especially, this is so incredibly gratifying. It’s taken so much for us to battle through the last two decades – literally, everything we’ve got – now, standing before huge audiences, and sharing that story, feels like the world is finally listening. To the way things are. To an inspiring story of sepsis survival, about the power of love, about true & enduring human resilience.

But what’s next?

Well, we have some very exciting plans for the next stage of development at Resilience+Co. We want to extend our reach and get our messages across to a wider audience. We’re working to evolve the structure of our business, so we can get the right resources in place and make that happen.

So watch this space – and do please get in touch if you feel you would like to get involved in our work, or contribute in any way. You can email us at – we would love to collaborate.

Because, we’re very conscious that a social enterprise like Resilience+Co can only grow as a collaborative project between like minded positive individuals. Currently we think we need support in the areas of marketing, admin, networking and sponsorship – but if you have any other special skills that could help to take our presentations to the next level, we’d love to hear from you.

Phew. It’s hot this weekend. Hope you can keep your cool. Tom’s got his new pair of legs fixed this week (thank you Leicester Specialist Mobility Centre), Nic’s hoping to get into her art studio, and Pippa’s busy organising for our autumn presentations. Here in Rutland, the fields are green, the Ospreys & Red Kites are wheeling high up over the Water, the lambs are busy exploring the magic of the summer.

Everything calm and in place. Just how we like it. Have a great week everybody.