Is the grass greener on the other side of the fence?

Two years ago Tom and Nic Ray teamed up with Pippa Bagnall and formed the public speaking business Resilience+Co.

We have developed a strong and unique partnership through our respective experiences as patient, carer and clinician and have two ambitious objectives:

  • To raise awareness of sepsis, emphasising the importance of early diagnosis and treatment
  • Inspiring individuals to develop their own personal and professional resilience.

In the year 2000 Tom woke from a four-month coma and had to come to terms with the fact that both of his arms and legs and part of his face had been amputated as a result of sepsis.

Nic was holding their son Freddy who had been born 3 months earlier but Tom had no idea who they were aa result of memory loss. In a brief chapter of time the idyllic family unit began their long, testing and challenging journey of resilience.

As a clinician you are confronted each day by the unexpected.

There are moments of joy as a person begins healing, walking for the first time after surgery or being given the all clear after treatment for cancer. But sadly there are moments when you have to break bad news about a loved one, hold a person’s hand as they breathe their last and care for someone in uncontrollable pain.

From very early on in my nursing career I had to develop my own coping techniques. These were not taught in the classroom or on the wards. Encountering death for the first time in the middle of the night with only one other nurse on duty left a numbness which I had never experienced before.

Each day we wake up to a set of tasks and challenges.

It is in our gift to decide how to respond. Sometimes we do this subconsciously because of a routine. In the Ray household Nic starts every day by helping Tom with his four prosthetics. On the wards, a handover report is given to the day staff on all the patients who have been cared for by nurses and doctors over-night.

Our new weekly blog will cover a topic which we hope will help you develop your own personal and professional resilience. The glorious weather over the Easter weekend has caused a burst of spring growth and warmth. This week let’s find one new way of making the grass greener on our side of the fence.

Tom, Nic and Pippa