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Following our experience, we now advise individuals, organisations and businesses, through workshops and inspirational speaking on how to cope with setbacks, change and adversity. We are two voices, with a shared message that is life giving and life saving: resilience.

In 1999, Tom and I were newly married, and expecting our second child.  Then, almost overnight, our lives changed irrevocably. Tom developed sepsis. He suffered amputations of his arms and legs, and had parts of his face removed. What came next was even more extraordinary: our recovery.

Together, we worked through post-traumatic stress and rehabilitation. We fought to keep afloat financially, and to hold our young family together after losing our jobs, our home and our whole way of life. We grew in new ways to become stronger, better people with an incredible life story that has since
become a film and a book– Starfish

Campaigning for mandatory training on Sepsis.


Over the past 19 years, we have faced unimaginable physical and psychological challenges, which have made us experts in disaster management and recovery.

As inspirational speakers and workshop leaders, we’ve teamed up with Pippa Bagnall, a seasoned healthcare senior executive to create bespoke sessions on developing personal Resilience . We spread life-saving awareness of sepsis, and discuss wider issues of how individuals, organisations and businesses can cope with change and adversity.

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In 2016 our story was made into the feature film, Starfish. Starring Joanne Froggatt and Tom Riley, the film tells the gritty reality of sepsis, and how we picked up the pieces and returned to life. Collaborating closely with the production team was an extraordinary process and a fantastic opportunity to spread global awareness of the condition.


Tom has now written Starfish, the book – an exceptional piece that is simultaneously brutal, honest, shocking, and funny. Both renditions of Starfish pay respect to all those husbands, wives, sons, daughters, mothers, fathers and friends who have been affected by sepsis.

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